Write on the road


There was a time when I could write while I was traveling. On a visit to my parents a few years before they died, I was able to write the first draft of Disconnect after the ‘old folks’ had gone to bed, about 8pm.

But I can’t fool myself into thinking I will get much done this trip – other than some research for an article about UK hiking options.

I’m leaving my laptop behind, and taking only my iPad. Which will leave me a few spare square inches in my carry-on bag. Traveling light is a whole new challenge these days, often necessitating so much in the way of electronics, chargers, adapters, and batteries, etc.

But I will have one of those old fashioned analogue notebooks with me (remember them?) – just in case.


And as for recording anything significant that happens while I am away, I am reminded of a tip given to me by a fellow traveller years ago. As my cantankerous mount galomphed across the Sinai with me balanced precariously on top, Roz said that all I needed to do was to simply record five things at the end of the day – something I had 1) seen, 2) heard, 3) smelled, 4) tasted, 5) touched, and it would all come back to me.

She was right. It did. And much of it has stayed with me ever since.

Including my intense dislike of camels.

Camels in the Sinai

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