LP’s Book Club

I read a lot. And quite fast. So it’s not unusual for me just a couple of weeks later to remember a book but not its author or title.

At one point I started a notebook to keep track of everything I read, but that was a hit and miss kind of thing.

I did join Goodreads, but as I try to keep my social networking to one platform, I only maintain my page there erratically. And I have never really got the hang of Instagram.

So FB is my usual destination for sharing anything, and learning what others in my world – both the real and the virtual – are up to.

As a way to keep up myself with what I’ve been reading, share with others, and to elicit some kind of easy response I have created a new Album on my LPwordsolutions page.

Check it out. Comment on what I’ve been reading and share your own recommendations.


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