Research #5 – KIS(S) Keeping it Simple


After spending an hour trying to come up with a kid-friendly description of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I did a random online search for ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy for Kids’ and came across a useful article on Wiki Kids Search.

Snip20190508_39I often suggest that writers use kids’ non fiction book as a launching point for research on difficult or complex topics, but had not discovered this online tool before.

Lists of library online databases (which I consider are the most under-used and under-appreciated of any public library resource) usually include several for kids, useful for homework and general research. And I’ve often them found them invaluable in the past.

But the Wiki Kids Search gave me what I needed this time.

I did not spend too much time checking out other topics. But did come away with some useful information expressed in an easily-digestible way for my current project. And will add this to my resource list for future research use.


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