Some days this is what writing looks like – a pome


Some days this is what writing looks like
by L J P

Some days it’s a bloody grind
like shoving a heavy load uphill
without knowing what the view will be like
from the top.

It can be a slow slog, a stagger, a plod
With the occasional moment of free flight
lightening the load
especially when there’s someone to lend
a steady hand, a kind word
or a good shove from behind.

The only way to do it is
step by step bird by bird
one word, phrase, line, scene,
page, chapter, section,
after        the        other
accepting that you might not know
what it will look like when it’s done
but with any luck
if you still give a fuck
it will turn out

And if all else fails
and the dog’s dinner before you
is something even the dog won’t eat

take a break
take a hike
call a friend, turn the page
wash a floor, iron a shirt

or write a pome.

It can’t hurt.