Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair

His mother takes another ragged breath. “That…” She waves toward the front door and gulps. “That’s the man who killed your father.”

As much as life has irrevocably changed since the death of his father, much has stayed the same for Cam. He’s always had a great deal of responsibility around the house, but the burden is heavier combined with the load of grief he’s been carrying. After the man who was driving the truck that killed his father turns up at his house, Cam feels pressure to keep his family safe as well. When he starts to see the man everywhere – at his work, in stores, at his sister’s school – Cam needs to know what the man wants from his family, and he starts following his father’s killer in search of answers.

“Peterson keeps readers engaged from page one of this suspenseful and touching (yet admirably unsentimental) hi-lo book.”
The Horn Book Review 2011

2010 | ISBN 9781554698165 | 10 – 14 yrs


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