Everyone is Creative / Creativity is Everywhere: Roundup #1


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For the past six months I have been posting a thread on my Facebook and Instagram pages called Everyone Is Creative / Creativity Is Everywhere or Creativity Is Everywhere / Everyone Is Creative. You might want to check the pages from time to time to see new items as I add them.

This is how I document some of the research and writing I am doing as I develop my children’s mid grade nonfiction book on creativity which will be published by Orca Book Publishers in 2024.

It has been such a ride! So I thought I would make a quick list of some of the topics I have covered so far, in case you missed some.  

20. The first prosthetic – a wooden toe dating back between 950 and 710 AD.
19. Gurdeep Pander – bhangra dancing in the Yukon bush.
18. LitWorld’s young artists.
17. The green phone booth in Country Durham, England is the smallest art gallery in the world.
16. Flash mobs.
15. The bedridden artist Matisse painted on the wall from his bed.
14. Daisy Ashford was just nine when she wrote there book The Young Visitors.
13.  Fashion is not just for the young – the aged ‘fashionistas’ of New York.
12. Making blankets out of potato chip bags for people affected by homelessness.
11. ‘The Pavement Picasso’ creates miniature masterpieces from sidewalk gum found on the streets of London.

10. Recommended book How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith.  See below how to enter a draw for a copy of this book.
9. Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless”.
8.  Who knew dance notation could be so beautiful!
7.  We have moved away from the era of using Black Face makeup when Caucasians performed the roles of people of colour. 

6. Italy’s Urban Theory hand dancers.
5. The Arts and Crafts Movement.
4. The power of Kindness Rocks during the COVID pandemic.
3. The McCarthy Era – suppressing intellectual and creative freedom.
2. How to achieve mastery – getting good at whatever you choose to do.
1. Everyone is Creative / Creativity is Everywhere!     

Mine is more of a why, who, when and where book, than a how-to.
(No instructions for making paper airplanes, jewelry collages or play forts!)

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