And another month goes by…

I am not much farther along than I was last month, although I can feel the heat of the fire that someone needs to light under me.

The release of my new book is just over a month away. Already I made a short intro video for United Library Service reps to use as they promote my book, and agreed to do a Schools Presentation for Vancouver’s Readers and Writers Festival and perhaps talk to the media about the book in relation to the presentation. And I am working with fellow author Jacquie Pearce – whose own book What Aniamls Want: The Five Freedoms’ comes out the same day as mine – to create a series of three short videos ‘She Said / She Said’ in which we interview each other about our books. Oh – and I am also working on a book trailer for my own book, which you will see here first.

The next thing to do is to pin down just how and where to do a book launch. I am hoping it will be hosted by the First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo as 25% the the author roylaties from the book will go to the Unitarian Shelter they oversee, and I am a member of that supportive and loving community.

Problem is – How? In person with limited numbers? On Zoom? Where? In person at the Fellowship Hall or by Zoom? I am hoping that Nanaimo’s Windowseat Books will be the launch bookselller, and that I can pitch the launch to both Fellowship members, my writing freinds and peers, family and anyone interested in the issue of homelessness.

It’s a lot to get my head around given the shifting circustmances of COVID. And more and more it’s looking like this will be an online event. But I must ‘get my finger out’ and make some decisions.

But whatever else I decide and how I plan to do it, I do hope my writing mojo will come back. My creative energies have recently been directed into sketching and watercolours… and I just don’t seem to have the urge to do much with words on paper, right now. Possibly because the whole process of promotion and making ‘art’ uses completely different parts of my brain than writing.

An early ‘dabble’. One of my favourite views in the world. The Seven Sisters, from Seaford Head, Sussex, UK.