That didn’t work out so well… and a book recommendation

The road to hell may be paved with many things other than good intentions, but I do know that it does not take much to be lured into taking a detour…
Waaay back when my new website went live, I determined to post a new blog entry each week.

Didn’t happen.

I could share the usual excuses, but you’ve heard them all. Suffice it to say that I have been busy, and not all busyness can be attributed to writing-related activities. Not enough of it, truth be told.

I’m juggling two WIPs, working on a couple of community projects that take up a bit to of time, working my usual 4 shifts a week, spending time with friends and family reading, lounging, vegging..

But I will try to do better.


Each blog post I will pass on at least one tip or resource that you – or someone you know – might find useful in your work. Today, courtesy of Julie Ferguson of Beacon Literary Services comes a recommendation of a good book on travel writing:┬áLONELY PLANET’S GUIDE TO TRAVEL WRITING by Dan George, whose own website is worth exploring.